Her Eyes Go Sad

Her Eyes Go Sad

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Her Eyes Go Sad

30cm x 30cm

Acrylic Paint on Canvas


Based on this poem by Fernando Pessoa

Your Eyes Go Sad

Your eyes go sad. You're not

Listening to what I say.

They doze, dream, fade out.

Not listening. I talk away.


I tell what I've told, out of listless

Sadness, so often before…

I think you never listened,

So you're away you are.


All of a sudden, an absent

Stare, you look at me, still

Immeasurably distant,

You begin a smile.


I go on talking. You

Go on listening - your own

Thoughts you listen to,

The smile as good as gone,


Until, through the loafing

Afternoon's waste of while,

The silence self-unleafing

Of your useless smile.