Kateryna Krivolap

Kateryna Kryvolap is an artist originally from Ukraine who makes her home in Canada. She was raised and educated in an artistic family where she found her passion for fine art which was being passed from generation to generation. Kateryna creates fine art of various styles but most commonly uses Petrykivka fine art technique. Since her inspiration comes from that ancient Ukrainian decorative folk art it worse to mention that Petrykivka was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Petrykivka technique is fundamentally unique due to extensive use of fine tip handcrafted brushes made of cat fur.

Since the time Kateryna moved to Canada, her love to Ukraine is being transformed into original artwork. Her paintings are composed from numerous fine elements which reflect a spirit of Ukrainian soul. Birds, flowers, guelder-roses represent happiness, health and wealth. Artist's positive mood and powerful energy are transferred through her artwork to many customers and collectors from different countries and continents.

Kateryna Kryvolap is a common participant of international exhibitions throughout Europe and North America.