Georges Pierre-Colin

It’s the act of painting that dictates what I’m going to paint. Without a representation project, I press the tubes or pour the colour onto the canvas. I spread the painting by crossing lines with knives up to one meter twenty wide. First I work flat on a table while turning around the table to follow gestures that enliven the void. I feel immersed in a malleable paste which becomes a material to fight. I build layers, I weave lines to bring the flat surface to life, refusing the illusion of perspective and figuration. A grid is formed, with more or less tightened or distended areas ... Windows open and close, architectures are built and dismantled, everything interpenetrates on a flat surface, in a purely pictorial space which must create its own reality and find coherence within yourself. This is how I live my painting. Each painting is for me an event, a surprising experience, a rhythm, an appearance, a revelation, a recovery of myself, a space to experience that I like to share with others.