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Réka Somogyi discovered visual arts through her love of writing. Studying German and Swedish literature in Budapest, one can see how the narrative and story-telling quality of her paintings have been the bridge between these two disciplines. As a painter, Réka is largely self-taught, developing her skills of the medium independently. Her paintings open like a curtain unveiling a theater’s stage. She paints in brilliant hues and graphic lines, dividing the canvas up like a graphic novel, the viewer is pulled into the playful underworld of dreams, symbols and the subconscious. Painting exclusively on silk for twenty-six years, she uses the fabric like diary pages, painting the internal and external dramas of a life-experienced, a life-felt-deeply. Réka stands beside these events, as a chronicler, and with the help of art, releases them from the pain, from the suffering, so that only the original, golden nature of things remain. For her, art is a practice that, for a moment, takes one out of the confines of a person, while also keeping in mind that art only accompanies one on this journey for a short interlude.

Some of Réka’s creative influences are the female artists: Niki de Saint Phalle, Käte Kollwitz, Francois Gilot, and Gabriela Münter. But in actuality there are no comparisons, Réka is incomparable in her painting, just as no one is comparable to anyone else in this life.

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