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Artist Nicolas was born in Spain, lived in Murcia where he spent his childhood and attended primary education - Fine Arts and Construction Technician. He is a simple man, warm, charismatic and talented, hardworking, and passionate about art.

He always liked painting and drawing, yet his dream of practicing art had  to wait almost 20 years to be achieved.  Nicolas began his professional artistic career after a jorney of  several ocupations. He used to have his own large construction company with a large number of employees under his supervision, and he had also spent  his time as a restaurateur at the famous Puerta de Sol in Madrid. In his free time he began to paint.

In his professional career he made individual and collective exhibitions, both nationally and internationally (Murcia, Granada, Madrid, Paris, Moscow), he participated in painting competitions and international competitions.

From the beginning of his career, he was always committed to solidarity projects (environment and the situation of the most disadvantaged people). In love with nature, especially the Sea and its inhabitants. He taught painting for children without resources. He has been to Africa many times, not only as a traveler, but also as the leader of the expedition. They crossed the desert, studied the tribes, painted landscapes and also created irrigation systems and wells in Mali. His travels completely changed his vision of the world and perception of reality.



I’m an eclectic visual artist who explores the physical and spiritual world in paint and colour, choosing to approach each new work with both a classical formula and intuitive expression. I explore varies themes and spaces with poetic grace, going from figuration to abstraction, from narration to contemplation. I have spent my time weaving the influences of nature, culture, architecture, and technology into the creation of my artwork. These things have been perpetual elements in my artwork throughout. My intention in art is to express thoughts and emotions, and make people reflect.


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