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Lotti Klink, born in Zurich, Switzerland, visited various workshops and painting courses (locally and abroad) and studied at Art School Wetzikon, Switzerland.


Her paintings show geometric and playful shapes, rough structures, earthy natural and strong shades. From the beginning nothing is fixed. Her work is progressive and characterised through emotions, intuition, spontaneity as she tries to live out moods, inner visions, sensations or the pure energy on the canvas.


Layer by layer she moves from creative chaos to exciting compositions, creating images with depth, space and density. Her visions and themes grew towards abstract work. This gives the viewer the freedom for their own interpretation.


Various exhibitions in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. 

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Facebook: Lotti Klink

Phone: +351 968 462 032

Member of the artists group: “AlgarveArtistsNetwork” AAN

Member of the artists group: “Algarve Art“,

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