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With a Degree in Graphic Arts, Liliana also holds a master’s degree in Communication and Design from IED in Milan, a Master's degree in Interior Design from IED in Barcelona, and a Postgraduate Degree in Management Development from Euncet (Barcelona), in addition to other training and projects in which she channels her creative restlessness, bestowing her little ray of light to the world. A good example was the creation of a digital platform for photographers, born under the name of Blipoint, with the aim of advertising the talent of emerging artists.


Currently she is completely immersed in the creation of artistic projects and uses materials recycled by nature itself. With her latest series of sculptures reborn from damaged elm trunks, Liliana shows us the secrets and true splendour of the elements with which she works, also reflecting the richness of her own personality and intense experiences. In this high-speed trip through the moments that have left a big imprint in her life, the artist takes us not only into the eternal human complexity, but also into the beauty of the resulting learning lessons, using art in such a natural way as a personal valve for expression.

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