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Kenario is a collaboration of Ken Dorr (Painter/Photographer) and Mario
Marchiaro (Photographer/Ken’s Muse).
We are mixed media Artists with a lifetime of fun and magical expressions
ranging from photography to sculpting. Our forte is also to paint on
different surfaces including Dried Fan Palms, Palm Husks, Tiles and
Rocks. Mario says “If you sit there long enough, He’ll pain you”.
One of our signature techniques is a mixing of photography with our
custom filters, inks and acrylics on canvas.
We only create and sell original pieces.

A collaborative energy of Ken Dorr (from California) and Mario Marchiaro
(from Italy)
Duration: 1997 to present.
Celebrating 25 years together. Ken signs the Ken and Mario signs the ario
of all the Kenario Pieces.
Work Performed: SX70 Time Zero Sculpted Polaroids, Multiple
Photographic Series ranging from Black and White to Painting on
Photographic surfaces.
Now happily living and painting in Lagos Portugal.

Phone: +351 963 005 337
Instagram: kenario_art

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