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Eugenie’s inspiration for her art is her deep seated connection with and love of animals. She is constantly amazed by their individual and unique expressions and characteristics and finds great pleasure in capturing their individuality on canvas. She has also started to use her art to help animals in need where possible and she paints pictures of the dogs at the local dog shelter so that they can help get the dogs adopted. Eugenie has always been adventurous in her outlook on life, leading her to favour large, expressive canvases where the big picture is dominant and the details are left to the imagination. Eugenie has lived and worked in Italy, Canada, the US, the UK and now Portugal. Professionally, she always had a foot in the art world by working in advertising where her role was developing creative and strategic ideas that would inspire clients and consumers alike. She studied art at Vassar College in the United States and is now excited to be on a new journey to grow her artist vision and expression. Eugenie lives in Mexilhoeira Grande with her husband Peter and continues to surround herself with her four legged friends including dogs and horses.


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