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César Mendes, better known as CEGO TATTOOS, was born in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil, and has always developed works related to art, as an artist in his spare time, weekend graffiti artist and full-time tattoo artist.

 He started tattooing in Brazil in 1991 and in 2006 he moved to Portugal, where he settled and today he owns INSTINKTATTOOS STUDIO.

 Currently he also acts as a Regular Guest Artist in some studios in England and Germany, further strengthening his international career.

 The style where he stands out the most is New School/Comics, but he also stands out in colorful realism and

 Black and Gray. He is not dedicated to a single style, as he believes that the artist should appreciate art for art's sake and not submit to labels. He always seeks to develop an Exclusive Art for each person, because above all he values ​​the individuality of each one.

 He lives each day in search of improving his art so that he can increasingly make dreams come true!


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