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I am a former Primary School Teacher born in 1975, in a Romanian city by the Black Sea. Have lived the last 14 years in the Algarve, after spending several years in Italy and Switzerland.

Why Shells? Looking back, I find that I have always been connected to the Sea. Born by the sea, traveled the world while working aboard cruise line ships and finally finding my home in Ferragudo by the beach. The Sea is my inspiration, with her tremendously beautiful, unique, timeless and tasteful, or modern and messy forms and shapes.

Being a late bloomer, I started to reveal my artistic side during the rough pandemic time when art kept my sanity. The start was easy, the journey enriching. I am a self-taught artist, who learned through practical experience, by trial and error and from beautiful people, such as my first real critic, professor JF Carrujo from Lagoa Art School, who also has the merit of doing my first exhibition.

I am a dynamic person, for that reason I love mixed media art as it gives me the freedom and joy of blending so many different techniques, textures and feelings, while working with my favorite music in the background.

Art is my Adventure.

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