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Anna Rolskaya, originally from the USSA, received a classical art education in Moscow before embarking on a journey that led her to Portugal in 2015. For the following five years, she dedicated herself to the realms of calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration, publishing two books and earning recognition among her peers in the hand lettering artist community. However, with the onset of the pandemic, Anna decided to immerse herself in the world of fine art, embracing a career as an abstract artist. Exploring the realms of gestural and abstract expressionism, she mastered various tools and techniques to create captivating paintings. In 2020, Anna held her first solo exhibition in Lisbon, followed by successful showcases in London, Barcelona, and an online exhibition at an art festival in Argentina. Now, in 2023, Anna finds inspiration in the mesmerizing world of flowers, drawing from the blooms of Portugal. Her artistic style has evolved toward a more figurative approach with an impressionistic touch, as she continues to refine her craft.


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