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The essential artist.


I have a unique technique where I paint only with  Feathers using acrylic on either board or canvas.


By using feathers it not only creates an uncontrolled aspect, as the  feathers move in different ways and almost have a will of their own. But they also provide many different textures and patterns. 


In addition to the feathers I use metallic paint. 

The metallic paint when lit from different directions provide other highlights within the picture only visible from certain angles.


I love the freedom of painting, simply letting go and seeing what arises out of the moment and colour.


Often what comes is channeled. The  pictures have different styles and images. Goddesses, people,  animals fairies, dragons etc. Often those in the mystic realm.


Many pictures can be hung in four (or more) ways, therefore the purchaser can receive four images for the price of one.


I’ve been told my pictures are great to meditate on. 

If you don’t meditate, you can simply get lost in thought as you enter into a magical world of the imagination, looking at what appears to you. 

For this reason I sign on the reverse side as  there is no “ correct” way up. It is all down to the viewer and what they see.


Please ask to view the pictures in different ways and find the image that feels right for you.


I invite you to enjoy the journey of discovery and let me know what you see in the pictures. 


I do “non obligatory” commissions. If you like the style of my work and you would like a painting for a specific room or location. We agree a size, colours and price and if , on its completion, it’s not the picture for you there is no obligation to buy that one.


I am the essential artist for two reasons, 

firstly I deal with essential oils for health through consultation, but also in my massage practice.


Secondly (and may be more importantly)  because it is essential for me. Essential for my being to paint and uncover images through their creation. To bring  joy  to those who have them hanging on their walls.


Sending much love and light 

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