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AMEGRA, is the anagram of the artist's name: Angel Mercé Grases. He completed his music studies in 1956 and decided to travel around Europe, visiting France, Italy, England and Germany; it was there he held his first exhibition in the Art Gallery "Charly" in the city of Munich in 1959. Becoming his starting point into the art world, a road that would become an outlet for his artistic restlessness.

He wasn't made out for a career in music, but music definitely left its mark on his canvases and sculptures clearly shown as his inspiration. Thus, notes are found throughout his work materialising in shapes and colours and building figurative contours known as "Amegra's contours" from which his sculptures will later arise. All his sculptures come from shapes in previous paintings.

Recently, working with steel and seeking movement, he has created a new and incomparably beautiful framework for his artistic quest.

His art known as "Amegra's contours", are recognised all around Europe, having developed over the course of more than 30 years. During this time his sculptures and painting have been exhibited in several Art Galleries.

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