Collection: Aleksandra Rowicka

Originally Polish, lives and works in Brussels for over 20 years.

The world as it is when you are not looking

The title of my art collection “The world as it is when you are not looking” refers to the world hidden behind what is obvious. Human emotions, mindsets, and areas of science that we still do not understand. It also refers to the world we have no time to see. The things, that become visible only when one takes a pause and considers the real nature, the essence of beings.

I like to pause and imagine how an unlimited world may look like. Without filters of physics, time, or prejudice. My works are very often a result of imagination and meditation. All my works include an imagination layer, made with colours, shapes, and emotions, and a meditation layer made during long hours of dot painting.

I have started my artistic career as a photographer, focused on fine art photography, but also working with many top Belgian designers and models. In time, I have turned to painting. Winning awards and having successful exhibitions motivates her to pursue this area of creative activity.

Main Inspirations:

Agnes Martin – a painting is “a world without objects, without interruption… or obstacle. It is to accept the necessity of … going into a field of vision as you would cross an empty beach to look at the ocean.” – Agnes Martin, quoted in Ann Wilson, “Linear Webs,” Art & Artists 1 (October 1966)

Yayoi Kusama –  “With just one polka dot, nothing can be achieved. In the universe, there is the sun, the moon, the earth, and hundreds of millions of stars,” the artist has mused. “Pursuing the philosophy of the universe through art under such circumstances has led me to what I call stereotypical repetition.”

Henri Rousseau – for his mystery, eccentricity, and determination

Wassily Kandinsky – for the deep understanding of music, an art that normally can’t be seen, and yet, he painted masterpieces about it.


Member of the Belgian Art community

Member of the Association of Visual Artists in Poland (ZAP)

Founder and the President of the Art Vue Foundation


March 11th – 25th, 2022 – Limitless Nature, Brussels

March 10 th – 13th, 2022 – Vive le Coulour!, Luxembourg

February 14th – 27th, 2022 – Belgian Art Expo, Brussels

October 18 -31, 2021 – Bruxelles Art Vue collective exhibition, Brussels

July 12 – 18, 2021 – The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK (virtual exhibition) – paintings

July 5-17, 2021 – Paintings exhibition at Pop-up Art g3 Gallery, Brussels

March 8th, 2020 – The 5th Dimension exhibition at La Sengor, Brussels

February 15th, 2020 – The 5th Dimension exhibition at Wherenowhere Art Gallery in Brussels

February 1st, 2020 – Street Photography Collection – as a guest at WeLoveBrussels Street Life Photo Expo


December 2020 – The 5th Dimension’s “Amortality” exhibited at the virtual Broto’s Affinity Conference. Broto: Art-Climate-Science is an annual conference and online community of collaborating artists and scientists tackling aspects of climate change. It is produced by the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, based in Provincetown, Massachusets, US.

September 2020 – “the 5th Dimension Project” album – lyrics and photography by Aleksandra Rowicka, installations by I. Falkowska

December 2019 – cover story in Elegant Magazine (fashion photography)

December 2019 – “Art of Chic” editorial in Ellements Magazine

September 2019 – “Backstage” editorial in Shuba Magazine


Modern Art, Christie’s Education (January 2022) – certificate

Modern Art and Ideas, MoMA (January 2021) – certificate

Introduction to Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh (September 2013) – certificate

Master of Business Administration (MBA)(July 2005) – degree

Bachelor of Management and Marketing (October 1999) – degree

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